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About us

   Before I started pursuing the wonders of Puerh tea, as someone who is deeply accustomed to the local Taiwanese tea culture, I didn't think I could have embraced a foreign tea such as Puerh resulting my increasing passion and love for it today.
   Originally, I had the common misconception that Puerh tea comes with a moldy and musty smell.Until recent years, I began to slowly discover the secrets and positive health benefits behind good Puerh tea, and was surprised and thrilled at my findings. I met Mr. Xiao Shiying and had the opportunity to taste the Puerh tea he produced, to us we tasted not just a cup of tea, but a work of art and a piece of cultural heritage.
   I am very fortunate to have met Mr. Xiao Shiying, who has dedicated his whole life to enrich and produce top quality Puerh tea.  After tasting his Puerh tea, it reminded me of a short but beautiful childhood memory; when I was tired from playing outdoors, I would rest under a nearby tree and often kind neighbours would offer me a cup of smooth and aromatic tea. Now, I would like use the same thankful sprit, to provide and offer the public healthy and toxin free top quality Puerh tea.        

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